Ageless Authors

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

AGELESS AUTHORS WRITING CONTEST Is the only competition for senior writers. Click on the category you want to read specific guidelines and submit an entry:

All entrants must be age 50 and older. May enter as many times as you want, but each individual entry requires a separate entry fee. Give a 100-word bio written in third person, that you would be proud to publish with writing and publishing credits and other accomplishments.  We intend to brag on you a little bit, so write this bio well.

Entry should be fiction or nonfiction (essay of 3,500 words or less, or poetry of any number of lines, any subject matter, any style. 

Actual submission should be a PDF or Word file (.doc, .docx, and .txt) prepared on a Windows-based or MAC computer. 

Submission file should include ONLY title and copy, NOT bio, name or contact info. Material about author will be in Submittable files.

Make sure the title you submit to Submittable is the same as the title you place on the submission file.

The name of the author and that person's contact info must be correct. If the person submitting the entry is not the author, understand that all communication will go to the person registered with Submittable.

Don’t provide page numbers, footers, headers, endnotes or footnotes. Do not explain your work, just write.

Pay attention to details. Check your spelling. Check your grammar. Reread your dialogue, if any.

Ageless Authors